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leaky motor

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As some of you may now i had a little bit of trouble with my new toy. :( After my firtst flight of 30mins i saw that there was a small about of oil seeping out of the bottom of my crankcase. It look to me like it was coming out of the gasket. I then spotted another small amount coming out of the back of the engine.bailey006.jpg

I cleaned all the oil off and went for another fly this time my flight was and hour. Again the same a little more oil "but i few for longer sooo" As you can imagine i wasn't best pleased.

On monday i phone Bruce at Bailey to tell him about my problems. He told me to send him some photos of the oil leak/leaks. At 1230 i got a phone call telling me that Paul Bailey wanted to see the motor so he could fix it. So by 1245 i was off on my way up to Baileys. On first inspection Paul thought like me it was crank case oil seal. but i fact it turned out to be a small inperfection in the machining of the outer casing. I think he said it hadn't been spott faced correctly. so after a quick stripp down and new gasket it was rebuit and it was on the test rigg where it was run up for 20mins or so. We had a look around the engine and could not se any oil :lol: JOB DONE!!! I was on my way home again.

I would have to say that if there customer service is always like that i am glad i chose a bailey "even tho i had this little problem" I am not sure you would get the same one day service from many other non uk paramotor companys.

Thanks again to paul for sorting out my engine so quickly!! :lol:

A few more photos just so if you have got a new v3 here is what to look out for




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