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Props on ebay


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Has anyone had any experience with these props at all?

They are not the cheapest around but they do big up the quality of them (they

would, wouldn't they?)

I may look to get a spare prop for my Rad Arrow as I suspect my prop is not very

well at the moment and may be the thing giving me probs with my exhaust bolts

(enquiry in with the nice prop repair man). I broke 2 more bolts on my flight

last night (halfords cheapo jobbies though)!

Ebay props:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... escription

or the tinyurl version



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Those Romanian props are OK. Nothing special but they do the job. £140 doesn't seem a bad price seeing as it included postage.

The cheapest option seems to be to buy from Thailand (and I'd be happy to do that, as that is where my wing came from).

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I did get the same vibe.

Tis an internet smash and grab.

Our system will not allow people to post links until they have made a number of valuable posts first. This is to stop the above type post from happening (with any effect)


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I`m In the market for a couple of cheep propellers :(

Tried TP props in thailand with no reply so far.

do you have a website for this Teeserak?

Colin B

I have used TP props in the past and he is very good at what he does, however I have spoken to his sister and he is in prison (or so she says), he has been saying negative things about the Thai king, so thats why you have not had any reply to your emails

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