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If you didn't have to apply for 'exemption' in Ireland would you be more inclined to visit?  

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  1. 1. If you didn't have to apply for 'exemption' in Ireland would you be more inclined to visit?

    • Yes I would be more likely to travel to fly in Ireland.
    • No it wouldn't make any difference.
    • No interest in travelling to Ireland anyway

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Having seen the value of your excellent forum, a number of us Irish Pilots have set-up a website and Forum. It is still somewhat under construction and has been up and running for over a week at this stage. Unfortunately we have already had trouble with the host server going down for a few days!

All are welcome, and it operates very much the same way as this. It is intended as a non commercial site for pilots, regardless of affiliations or other club memberships. We believe it is long overdue in Ireland.

Among other things, we would hope to be able to make it easier for UK Pilots to visit and fly in Ireland. Currently an 'exemption' is required in Ireland, which means applying to our Aviation Authority with 'recognised course' qualification, and a Class2 medical. We have the bizarre scenario where Northern Irish Pilots cannot fly across the border, without formally applying to be exempt from the need for a liscence??

Keep up the good work, feel free to join in from time to time. All advice and input is very welcome, and we are very aware that there is significant experience in the UK which few pilots have in Ireland.


Many thanks,

Oisin :D

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