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That will be my shakey footage then :D

I would like to thank the BBC for the PMC credit that they said they would put on the footage but did not. ( and to think I GAVE it to them as well :evil: )


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That's Brill!

It's a shame that we can not ask for money to provide the shots.

Although I have to retract my comment about the BBC not crediting my footage as on Saturday I was talking for 5 mins to Ann Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire 'LIVE' about Paramotoring and the Paramotor Club, price, web address, time it takes to learn, and so on... It was like a 5 miin advert for the PMC.


They should credit pictures to the photographer every time I think!


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Whenever you provide pictures/footage to the BBC their terms and conditions state that you agree to give them copyright of that material forever. They are then allowed to use it as their own and don't have to credit anyone.

I know of several pros who have seen their work published in other media and the credit has said BBC Archive.

Don't do it!

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