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beginner practice wing


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Hi Graham.

I have a large Fresh Breeze Silex wing for sale and a harness too.

The wing is blue and you can look at the Fresh Breeze website or PM me for further details.

It is approx 4 years old and in excellent condition. It is perfect for learning ground handling and getting airbourne.

20 hours ground handling & 15 hours flying.

Reason for sale - I have moved to a reflex wing - the Synthesis.

I am in North Somerset.

I have been meaning to list it on ebay for some time but have not got around to it, if you wait another week or 2 you may see it on there with a very low reserve.

I am looking for £ 650 inc. harness.

Kind Regards Mat Boley

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Hi Graham

If you want one purely for groundwork try to buy a twitchy dhv 2 in a small size. It will pay dividends. If not airworthy (and DONT try to fly it) you should get it really cheap. £50 ish. Use it with a proper freeflying harness with back protection too. You can always sell it on if you dont want to freefly. I have a spare if you want to try it. It's a woody valley but does tend to cut into your legs/nuts a bit if you dont have enough wind to sit back. The supair altix is a little better in this respect. Also good in the air.

If you really feel you want one for GH and first flights, you'll be better getting one for your weight and rated dhv 1. eg. if you weigh 80 kg you might need a 90-110 wing by the time you added 20 kg for the harness and wing and clothes and stuff (roughly calculated) Hope this helps a little.


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