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Wooden Prop Repair

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Hi Everyone

Can someone tell me the best epoxy for filling larger areas of damage on wooden props? I know cyanoacrylate and baking powder is fine for small stuff but this probably too brittle for larger areas.

I managed to snag a couple of lines in the prop which pulled it into the cage and impacted the leading edge damaging approx four inches long by upto half an inch max. As it was brand new and has never even gotten off the gound I'd like to save it if I can (oh happy days!).

Naturally I would prefer something cheap from B&Q rather than unobtainable from NASA and I'm sure there are a few people on the site who have been here before.

Look forward to your replies



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If you can get to a decent model shop buy some good laminating resin and some micro ballons.

The laminating resin is thin which will help it seep into all the cracks etc. and the micro baloons can be used to thicken the resin for gap filling without adding any apreciable extra weight.


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I use Isopon P38 easy sand and moisture setting wood glue.

ensure the wood is stable ie: glued together and dammaged edges removed.

build up thin layers of the filler to a rough shape.

Then use a rasp to shape. more filler for the low spots. more rasping. then sand to finish...simples :D

oh yeah...then lots of varnishing and balancing :(

Colin B (2 RAF)

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