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Decoking the Parajet Macro


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...and the torque setting should be 32 Newton Metres.

Parajet Volution (compact)

Paramania Revolution 28



First post. Had a couple of paramotors around 8 years ago but they were unreliable and decided to wait until technology improved. Was also heavily involved in other forms of flying.

Interested to see your choice of equipment and trying to get opinions as to best equipment for me to get. Am under 12 stone. How do you fund the compact Volution for power? (I'm assuming the reliability is good).Ditto the Revolution - how are the launch characteristics?

Reading around, I'm drawn to Volution, Macro, Lithuanian "Otto".

Wing-wise to Rev'n and Fusion.

Any comments / advice appreciated.



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I have a companct and a Revo & Fusion.

I weigh, 78 kg at the moment (12 and a bit stone) and have no problems with power. the Fusion is a better wing for sink rate but need a little air time before flying due to it's 'fun' handling, it has a EN 'C' Rating though.

hope this helps.


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Hi Nick

I am quite a bit heavier than you at 14 1/2 stone but the compact gets me off of the ground with no problem. I do feel that I am near the top of the weight range for the machine though as the maximum duration that I have had is about 1 hour 20 minutes.

I love my Revolution. It always inspires confidence but, as posted elsewhere on this forum I do find it tricky to forward launch at nil wind.

As far as I can see the technology has altered almost beyond recognition from 8 years ago, especially in the wing department. I saw my instructors new Dudek Nucleon the other day and that is a very impressive and technical piece of kit!

Best regards,


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Thanks Simon and 750. All useful info. It's a jungle out there and quite difficult to go into a purchase confident that you are making the right choice. You can go on the manufacturer's or the dealer's sales pitch, or the various specifications for each machine, but there's no substitute for personal experience of people with no particular vested interest. Have only got 5 hours on paramotors and 5 hours as club pilot, so Fusion may not be a recommendation, but have to balance that with quite a few 100 sq foot(ish) parachute descents.

Decisions, decisions.



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