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Prop Repairs

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helloooo all,

schoolboy error saw me looking up at the wing to checkit, slight hesitation, blip in the power then slip flat on my face Booooooooooo.!!

i got the carbon 2 piece "nirvana type" i think and it just clipped the cage so needs repairing -- it looks fairly straghtforward - certainly didnt obliterate it anyway.

i know ive read on here that a guy repairs them but i cannot find the post.. can anyone help?? woul dlike ot get sorted and keep as a spare at least.

thanks all

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If you break your propellor, pick up the bits, package them up, and post them to James Davies, the nice propellor repair man!

He can repair, rebalance and refinish your propellor and you would be amazed at what he can fix! Never throw away a damaged propellor till James has seen it! He can be contacted on 01509 233399 or 07833 646038, e-mail james.goldstar AT virgin.net

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I have had my carbon props repaired on a couple of occasions by a nice chap called Keith. He works with Pete Searle of Lemmings fame in Matfield (East Sussex). It was a while back but was a reasonable price.

He repairs props sent to him from all over the country and can be contacted on 07957 968455.

Just make sure that he knows you want it re-balanced to ensure that it's done. :wink:

Best regards,


Before -


After -


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