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Idiot Flying over Draycott Somerset


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So who was the idiot flying over Draycott near Cheddar, Somersetdf this evening. Red and White Wing

Flying at less than 100ft over the village and doing spirals over the houses is not big or clever.

I fly this area frequently, if you must fly like that please go somewhere else.

As well as being downright dangerous its illegal and is the sort of flying that will lead to our great sport getting tightly regulated which no-one wants.

G. :(

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im up in west yorks and there is a few paramotorists about that dont go on forums so i guess they will be all over and ya prob wont find out till ya bump in to them

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The interesting question is,

Would you?

I would be more than happy to number my wing.

It would be very easy to keep a register in the database, and anyone 'volunteering' to 'register' their wing could only been seen as a sensible pilot.

I would be happy to organise this if a few people are interested.


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I fly with a mark on my wing.... makes identification between pilots easier- a lot of guys fly the same colour wing these days.... when you're on the radio you can simply use the 'Golf Delta' call sign for me...... Simple idea.... 300mm Dacron lettering - self adhesive.... Red on bottom of wing, black on top....


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