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Flying in Bucks/Oxon area

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Hi All,

Just started paramotor training with Simon W at Lambourn but live in Aylesbury/Thame area. Thinking ahead it would be good to link up with fellow paramotorists (is that a word?) in the area. Has anyone got any local flying sites in mind ? Does anyone know any friendly Farmers etc? For me the social side and camarardarie is important and a great way to learn from others.

At the moment, weather seems to be constantly wet, windy or both so hopefully all will calm down in June and I can get out to Lambourn again for some more running up and down (and falling over) practice.

Best Regards

Ian E.

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Hi Ian

I live in Thame and work in Aylesbury so I am in the general area.

Put your post on the Oxfordshire & Bucks branch section.

You will see that I have already asked the question and I am sure something will be sorted out.

Are you going to Lambourn this weekend as Sunday is looking okay?


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Hi Eddie,

Thanks for reply. Just trying to get my head around this forum stuff and the different sections. Yes, Sunday looks good but unfortunately I'm away for the Bank Holiday week on family hol (well you have to sometimes don't you). Hopefully calm days in June so I can get down to Lambourn more often. Weekdays are generally better for me anyway. I live in Haddenham and have seen a couple of paramotors flying occasionally just south of Aylesbury (is that you ?). I've been flying Microlights and light aircraft since 1987 but stopped flying last year due to increasing costs and hassle, limited time (and money) and general lack of "fun". Have been looking at Paramotoring for a while and decided to go for it this year - visited the Parajet open day back in April and was hooked ! As mentioned, I'm a newbie and have just started running around the Lambourn field under the watchful eye of Simon W.

If we can get an Oxon/Bucks group together (and local flying site) that would be fantastic. Let me know if you find others in the area...

Best Regards

Ian Evans

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If it was south of Aylesbury it would probably be Tony. He flies from a field just off the A41 West of Aylesbury but it is'nt a good field for newbies!

I will probably be using it later in the Summer.

At the moment I am happy going down to Lambourn because it is a good way to meet people and socialise.

Make sure you can get to the fly-in for that very reason.

I will keep you informed if I find anywhere nearer to fly.



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