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It all seems a bit in quiet Oxfordshire so far this year!

My next project is to fly down to the flagpole and back again (when the weather improves) and also to fly to the June fly-in , even though it is only 7 miles away from Thame where I live.

I would like to fly from a site as near as possible to Thame to save having to get a lift to and from Aylesbury and fly from there.

Can anybody help with this please?

Maybe even join me (and Fast Eddie possibly).



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It would appear that Simon lives about 30 miles West of me which means I would be as well to fly from Lambourn!

Not that I mind flying with Simon but he can take a very very long time getting ready and still forget to put petrol in his motor LOL!!!


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I was born in Haddenham, so its not so far off, Mum lives in whitchurch and in an NE to SE wind guy the farmer has a a lovely takeoff.

OK IOU a tenner and a pint and I'll throw in a slippery nipple. its one of Allie favourites. Not my nipple or hers just one put together for the occasion.

if the weather is "Good" I am happy to come over and ruin your takeoff rights if your up for a friday night flyin, we can work out collecting the cars somehow I am sure.

as for pre flight checks, I can start Thursday.

anyway we can takeoof from tetsworh if u fancy

here its common land oh arrh and lovely and big and flat and smooth

just how I like my women


1° 0'50.23"W

baa :lol::lol:

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Do you have somewhere in Tetsworth to fly from or are we just going to annoy the locals?

I will probably see you before then (I will be at the flagpole Sunday hopefully) and we can sort something out.

I am hoping some others from the Thame area will be joining us.l

See you soon


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