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I'd like some Suunto kit  

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  1. 1. I'd like some Suunto kit

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Dear all,

I've been toying with the idea of getting a Suunto X9i. GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass etc, etc all in a watch. In order to bring the cost down (£300) I'm looking to see if any one else is interested in any Suunto kit. DanTheMan has one of their altimeter, barometer, compass products (was it the "Core" Dan?).

If we can get enough interest then they'll give the club dealer status and we can get a significant discount.

Their main website is http://www.suunto.com and the outdoor products should be here

The X9i page is here and it comes with software to automatically upload your track logs to GoogleEarth.


For the gadget freaks amongst us this is currently as close to the state of the art as it gets ;-)


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Hi, l bought one about three years ago from the then Telford Show, at a cost of £95. Great bit of kit but you need a microscope to see it. plus all the functions are done by the little buttons on the side as in a normal watch. Great on the ground but with gloves on and controlling everything else l found it awkward, but thats my opinion on it. Better off with a standard Compass/vario/GPS on your flight deck. :o


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I went for the Suunto X-lander, I did not own a watch anyway (I run on Dan time which involves a bit of guesswork) so it was always going to be useful to tell the real time but the Altimeter & Compass are perfect for what I want and it's now doubled as an xmas present from the wife.

There is a more basic model the VECTOR but I thought the X-Lander was worth the extra, mine was £136 from simplyhike.co.uk with free delivery but you need to buy through quidco.com to get that price.

First impressions are great, it has a logbook to store stuff and a vario but the key things are big numbers and easy to use.


One day I'll be looking at GPS but to stay legal with absolute minimum kit this will do the job.

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