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Wing weighting?

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Hi guys, Im getting a bit confused with what size wing to be looking for. Im currently 95kg but hope to be down to 90kg soon. Should I go for a large wing or medium? Large seems to be about 90-115kg and mediums about 80-105kg. Im looking at the PAP Motion currently on ebay which is medium 80-105kg. The fella selling advises an all up weight of 90kg with kit? Ive learnt that its better to be at the top end for speed and flyability etc. Will this wing suit me if i slim to 90kg? Is there a standard rule of thumb for a weight for harness, boots, suit etc or do you have to weigh your individual gear. I know there are a lot of questions, but im a newbie so have it all to learn :)

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The weight ranges of 80-105 (Medium) and 90-115 (Large) are weight ranges that the DHV certification was tested at, so for the DHV certification to be valid you must fly the wing within that range (all up weight), but bear in mind the DHV testing was done without a paramotor.

According to: http://www.papteam.com/pap_news_eng.htm

the PAP Motion also has DULV certification at the range 80-140 for the medium and 90-160 for the large, and PAP specify the weight at the higher DULV range, so this is a more useful figure to use.

It is not always best to be at the top end, it depends on the wing and what you want from it, if a manufacturer is specifying a big weight range (like 80-140), I would prefer to be in the middle.

I would recommend taking the trouble to weigh all your gear, and get your all up weight, you need to include everything even the wing that you hav’nt got yet, (the medium PAP Motion should weigh 6.4kg), don’t forget to include some weight for fuel.

If your all up weight is less then 115kg then the medium may be the best choice, if it is more than 115kg the large may be better, but get advise from someone that actually flies them, if you can find anyone!

Paul D

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The PAP Motion is basically a Swing Arcus.

The one on Ebay (Item number: 110388951709) at the moment is being sold by a friend of mine so I know it and have flown it. (I am on the YouTube clip, the first and third flights/landings.)

As he says, it is rated for up to 140 kgs all up with a motor. I am 90 Kg naked and I flew it with his PAP 1300 Top 80 last summer. I don't know what weight I was all up. It launched, flew and landed nicely.

The Ebay description is accurate, I think it would be a good, reasonably priced wing.

As far as your all up weight is concerned you need to take your naked weight and add everything else, clothing, boots,helmet, motor and wing etc. the result will be your all up weight.


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