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wing cleaning

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just curious how people clean there wings , i know it is said a lot just water and olive oil soap. is there anywere i can send to in this country that cleans them? i seen one in america who offers a cleaning wing service? has anyone used them? cleaning my own wing is a real pain as i dont have large garden and it ends up in the house and covers a lot of area so i dont like the idea of cleaning the wing my self

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yes i guess so idid some readin up on this keith guy who wrote this and he is a top chat with the paramotors so im gonna give mine a go and see how i get on, cant see a guy like him doing daft stuff.

i did wash an old wing once with a presure washer the muck that came off was untrue. it was a cheap thing so i ddint mind if it got ruined, i then sold the machine and the wing and the guy sent it to the airofix for testin and reports was good condition. he still flies the wing now so this cleanin the wing i am all for . il give mine a go and let ya know how i get on with it, i wont be usin the presure washer tho bit hard on it i think i value this wing lol

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Read somewhere that the death of a wing is more due to the dirt it carries around internally then the UV that degrades the fabric.

It doesn't need to touch the ground to pick up fibre shredding dust either. Anyone who has ever had to rinse (with water alone) their wing can attest to the dirt that lives inside the seams, stitching and surface of their wing. Many claim a rinse renews the crispyness although that may be subjective, like a washed car runs better.

Doing it properly makes a lot of longevity sense.

Keith's article has been around for awhile and I've been planning on trying it with an old groundhandler just to see what it does for the look of it.

I would be hesitant to add ANY detergent however PH neutral to a Multi $k wing.

The beach has got to be a close second to snow for scraping coatings off. If you don't clean the crap out of it, well, walk around with sand in your shoes...

I would suggest that a warm freshwater hose is better for a wing then wet, raspy grass blades too and that the less your wing contacts ANYTHING but air the better.

That is one inflation per flight, fly it to another area (overhead or levitated wall) if moving it prior to flight - no ground dragging (imagine the $ you scrape off), let it down easy with A's instead of the brake, trailing edge crash crinkle. Easier said I agree, but a worthy goal that builds skills too.

Pressure washer Leo - ouch. Slurry blasted her you did.

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