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music in flight

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Anybody fly with tunes? I have all the goodies but for some strange reason, I just can't be bothered and I don't quite understand it. In the old days, It was the berries to have music on the motorbike, despite the claims of the die hards who always wanted to "hear their motor" (Harleys do sound nice). It seems I do like to monitor my motor sounds more today than yesterday, and with all the GPS, helmet cam & video gear, camera & vario jeez ferget the tunes I can't do it. I hear it's nice though, maybe I should try it.

...does anyone find music distracting or banking their gliders to the beat of your favorite bluesmaster instead of the rhythm of the wing?

Multitasking inflight,

Marko D.

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Personally I don't feel the need to listen to music when I fly. The beauty of this form of airsport is the fact that you are so proximate to everything around you. Why deaden that feeling by filling your head with noise. Engine on or off, you're better off leaing your senses to pick up all the info your machine is trying to tell you.

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at least one top non-powered comp pilot has a speaker system built into his harness, presumably motivational. and i can see why those with a motor might want to drown out the noise. and it might keep you awake on long straight-line powered flights. but give me total silence, wind and occasional birdcalls any day :)


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not something I have tried to be honest.

I think that when we do the 120 mile Dartmoor trip in the summer, I will consider the use of my Ipod phone thingy. (whihc also has GPS I might add. Nokia N70 (more than likely old hat now, I have had it 6 months)

Hi Simon,

You mentioned your N70/GPS combo the other day. Which software and GOS do you use?



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