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MP's expenses


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I don't understand. Like Jeremy Vine just said, if I walked into a bank or even a shop and took a few thousand pounds and kept it at home and then 6 months later I thought I was about to get rumbled I went back to the shop and gave it back to them I would be locked up!

I can't believe these c**ts are still in their job and still expect respect from us! This country is finished, absolutely screwed!

Makes The BNP more attractive by the minute don't it?

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They still appear to share six common fantasies:

1. I didn't break the rules all that badly, really and besides, everyone is doing it.

2. It is all a storm in a teacup, a fuss about nothing.

3. It will all blow over soon.

4. It is all the fault of the media.

5. The public ought really to be concerned about the breach of confidentiality of the information rather than the information itself.

6. We're worth it!

Sadly, they are still 'entitled' to resettlement grants when kicked out of parliament at an election. No doubt the willingness to forgo those rewards for dishonesty will be broadly the same as Fred the Shred's was to forgo his enhanced pension.

Q: what is the difference between a catfish and an MP?

A: one is a bottom-dwelling scum-sucker, and the other is a fish

Straight Monster Raving Loony ticket for me, I'm afraid.....

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.....You can't vote here if you are .... a criminal.....

Thanks to B-liar and his scum lawyer chums who enshrined the European Human Rights in UK law this is not the case for much longer thanks to a Strasbourg Euro courts ruling on the case brought by convicted axe-killer (truly) and lifer John Hirst (who is now out of course as 'life sentence' in the justice system does not mean the same as in the English language). Makes you proud to pay your taxes to fund his £77,000 legal aid bill thus far - and £8,000 com-pen-say-shun.

The case was five years ago and the Home Office and Lord Chancellor's offices spent some of the intervening years assessing what their response should be. Three years beforehand, the Commons confirmed the ancient constitutional principle that outlaws were outside society and therefore should not have any say in how that society was structured. However, continuing their work in converting this country into a joke, the government is shortly to implement changes to the rules, presumably keen to force it through before they begin their well-deserved twenty year sojourn in opposition.

Funnily enough, although in the future convicted criminals will be able to vote, archbishops remain disenfranchised.

Monster Raving Loony - you know it makes sense!

(aaaah...... it's probably just me age......)

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Its not too bad

If you had a job where it was common practice and you were allowed to claim for everything you probably would. The only MP's that should be in trouble are the ones that claimed falsely. They should suspend these MP's with false claims and just change the system for everyone that did claim within the rules.

Not that I trust any of them in any way!.

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