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Fusion Test Flight

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Just wanted to say thankyou to Pete for letting me try his Fusion 26 for a test flight.

I found I was being very heavy handed with the wing compared to my Dudek Re-action. It is very light and needs a gentle touch. Once in the air it was a dream. Handling at neutral seemed safe and light but not to light. For really tight turns, pull the trimmers all the way in I guess, but I did not try this. I did let the trimmers all the way out and was travelling down wind at 49mph with no speed bar (wow). Thats the fastest ground speed I have ever seen.

It was bumpy up there, but it felt safe and solid all the time. So time to land. I pulled the trimmers in to the slow side of neutral and lined up. At about 20ft, killed the motor, held the brakes just slightly in, to feel the wing and slowly bled the speed off at 4ft. She stayed at 4 ft and just slowed down to about 2mph, even at this speed there was some energy left and I think I took one step forward and landed. It has to be the best landing wing I have ever flown. I loved it. You really get a lot of information and great control from the brakes on landing.

Well, thats my thoughts on the Fusion from a newbie, who has just reached the correct number of hours to consider it as my next upgrade.

So thanks again to Pete and Simon for the help with my poor over powerfull reverse launchings and a great day was had by all.



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