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PPG for Sunday


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Hi all, made it back home to a long bath.....anyway had a good boat around today. The flying time was actually 45 mins (seemed longer) until my motor packed up. We narrowed it down to a busted (l think Simon called it a regulator) unit in the electronics bay behind the harness. Thanks everyone for there help in finding the fault :D Its going back to Parajet on Thursday and l should be PPG airborne by next Sunday.

These small items can sometimes play up, or not play at all, even spark plugs can give in at a moments notice as Chris and Dave said today. As far as the Macro itself goes l can't fault it. Power when you need it just got to practice more on my forward launches, although take off today was a good one (eventually)

Was it you Colin that took the video clip, look forward to seeing it.

See you all again soon

and safe flying.


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Hi Mike.

Good to see you today. Afraid it was'nt me got the video think it was either Chris Holly or Pete B. Nice take off by the way.

I was lucky and got a long enough gust to do a reverse no problem. Also I managed my Third good solid stand up graceful (in the main) landings in a row. I know Chris Holly got it on vid and intends to put it on youtube so its recorded for posterity.

see you next time Col...

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