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PMC PPG 1 / 2 conversion courses.


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If you already fly a Paramotor, but were self taught or taught outside of the PMC (which I know is LOADS of you at the moment) would you be interested in a 1-2 day conversion course / assessment in order to gain your PMC certificate?

If you have 30 hours+ you should expect it to take you a day. If under this it may take 2 days.

We will do some flying, and navigation. Help you with anything you feel a little lacking on, and just help you to be better pilots.

Most of all, we will make it fun! spot landing comps, nav comps, turn-point races, and so on.

This is not a 'test' it is a simple measure in place to ensure that we maintain our high standard of piloting as a club (a club which YOU can be proud to be a member in the knowledge that we won't let our standards slip.) I am sure you can understand that 'giving away' ratings after say a simple written test or something similar, would totally De-value our top notch Paramotor courses and the club's standards.

Cost would be kept to a minimum as we would run this as a course with a number of people. At a guess, think around £50 but it depends on numbers of course.

Post here, PM if you want to stay covert, but let me know your thoughts please :D


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