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Last nights flight

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Lovely conditions last night so up up and away. Flew about 14 kms with an eye on the clock so I could work out my flying speed. Outbound worked out at 40 km/h and inbound 36km/h on speed bar, I really though my wing was slower than that.

One of the villages I flew past:


A line of pylons stretching into the distance:


One of the 1000 lakes that are in the Brenne National Park:


By this time the sky was a lovely deep colour but my wing got in the way of the view up:


I thought I'd take a shot of the sunset before landing but I had to focus on the ground detail before it would show correct focus:


I then shot the sunset:


I went back up the field this morning but unfortunately slipped on the wet grass trying to control the inflation and took the tips off the prop again :x Oh well I'm getting good at fixing it now :roll:

Happy flying all,


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Hi, Sorry you lost the tips of your props when you fell over.

Does anyone else think its weird how many of us accept this. Surely a minor fall whilst the props are turning should not allow the prop tips to touch the cage or ground? Why are they designed to allow this? I know some motors like the Flat top and the all Titanium models from Custom Air dont brake props if you fall over?

Just a thought.....


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Your pics are getting better !!

Mikey - good point re: tips - I have been a victim too but I suppose it's about weighing up weight against strength (and mix price into it too) plus a bigger cage would make it even more bulky ! time to get your design hat on.....

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[just an opinion]Tips - piss poor design. Any machine should be designed around its normal use and falling over, cage contact on takeoff and minor mishaps should come under that heading - not minor + expensive.

Thank goodness for focused design features like those of Fresh Breeze and Flat Top. Machines built for reality and the average man.[/just an opinion]

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Thanks for the opinion Norman, my motor is actually a Fresh Breeze Airboss.

Having looked at other motors there does seem to be more movement in the motor mounts compared to others, when the cage is 'lent on'.

Does the monster have stiffer mounts :?:


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There is of course a school of thought that the cage is pretty much just there to prevent a line/prop interface, especially while forward launching. It could be argued that landing on it (the cage) is outside of normal operating parameters, and therefore damage should be expected in that circumstance.


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