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Fingers crossed for Sunday.


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All, (but mainly students close to first flight)

Keep your fingers crossed for Sunday at the flag pole.

The current forcast is 7 mph blowing up the hill. :D


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Of course you can matey?


I think I need to vibe you a bit more love dont I... :lol:

Any time mate :D

Locals / regulars / members are welcome any time as you have all read or will when you visit our local flying orders.

Flying in 'Visitors' must first call, to get a quick local update for a number of reasons.

Eddie You may hook up with Tim on Sunday if he can make it, he has been in the forces and done loads of 'jumps' and still is 'jumping' so you can talk about all sorts of jumpy stuff together.


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Well high pressure is building from the South so I was just wondering about the weak troughs/fronts that are currently on the pressure charts, I'm sure it will be ok though.

Whats it looking like for saturday Dan?


Well the long answer is:


High pressure is expected to be to the south of the country on Saturday, with a moistening southwesterly airflow across the British Isles. This presents quite a complext picture and there will be three distinct air masses affecting the country.

Firstly, over Scotland a returning Polar maritime airflow runs ahead of the trough to the west. This is going to bring a mix of sunshine and showers, with most of the showers over northern and western areas. Some breaks in the east allowing some sunny spells to come through.

Across southern and south-eastern England and Tropical Continental flow will be bringing warm and dry conditions. There will be some cloud, but this should be broken allowing some hazy spells of sunshine to come through.

Finally, and increasing Tropical Maritime air mass is going to be ‘leaching’ through Ireland and Wales bringing increasingly low cloud and some drizzle here. This may well spill into the Midlands and northwest England in the afternoon. Visibility deteriorates on coasts here.

Winds will be from the southwest for most, 20kt (F6) in Scotland, 12-15kt (F4) across southern England.


High pressure drifts north on Sunday and the complex pressure regimes are maintained over the whole of the country. What will be noticeable is the increasing easterly flow over the southern half of the country, the warm front over southern Ireland probably extends further north and may be through northern England.

I suspect that for a large part of central and southern Ireland, Wales and northern England as well as the Midlands the morning could be cloudy. Outbreaks of light rain and drizzle, especially on western coasts and hills, this probably turning more showery in the afternoon.

Southern coasts may have some fog; while inland in the southeast it should become dry and warm as well as sunny.

To the north the best of the weather is across Scotland where, apart from an odd shower over the Highlands, the day should be fine with good spells of sunshine. Fine too over Northern Ireland.

Winds will probably be NE’ly 10-12kt (F3-F4) a little stronger on eastern coasts.

The short answer is there should be a flyable window - just not classic conditions, and obviously location specific. :roll: - see what I mean about the weather needing to sort itself out !!!

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I will be there in the morning.

Looking like a window or three from where I am sat.

Will be raining by about 18:00 though I recon.


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I just had a little fly from the flagpole.. wind dropped to 6mph avg at 1930... nice and smooth. Got my mate craig to take some picks of me taking off and landing...good job i just made it over the rape field :shock:

See you guys in the morning

Colin B :D

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