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Karan has started - shall we?

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Yes please Dave, that would be really useful. He will get a school one of course at Pune but one of his own would go down well.

The suit was top by the way, he said it was weird how it fitted perfectly. :lol:

Thats good, if he has not already, tell him not to throw away the peice of paper that is in the leg pocket, the picture on it is of our lady of loretta, the patron saint of aviators, I like to think it kept me safe in my early flights so hopefully will do the same for him, will check I still have your address norm :D


Cheers, Dave.

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UPDATE :arrow:

A busy afternoon.

After a pow-wow with the guys at Wings & Flights we have hacked out a plan for Karan's training. I have talked to Paul about it and we have agreed the structure. It is more comprehensive that he had originally bargained for but he's risen to the challenge.

This has of course raised the costs a bit but what we have collectively found has covered those costs. Paul has very kindly stepped in as a joint sponsor and contributed to enable us to keep the ball rolling.

I am sure we all feel the responsibility for ensuring that our man in Nepal gets trained as well as we can manage at this range. Wings & Flights seem to me to be a very good school with excellent standards. The experience of their trainers makes a very good statement and all the right noises are coming from them. I will trot across to see them in Pune before too long.

This is how he will proceed;

He is to do three courses across 12 days.

1 P-1 course (Beginners course) for three days

2 Special Ground Handling course, for four days

3 Pre Paramotoring course with dummy paramotor -two sessions

4 Basic Paramotoring course ( PPG-1 level) - Minimum four sessions One session consists of two hours per day

This is a heavy workload but according to Krish (trainer and W&F co-ordinator) Kiran is a fast learner and very determined.

In addition Kiran (he uses slightly different spelling occasionally) has been enrolled in Paragliding federation of India and has a log book.

Have a peep at his blog to see his impressions. There is a message for you from Kiran.

You are doing a really good thing here guys, frankly it would never have started without your help!


Recognise this picture? :lol::lol:

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Looking good, I shall try to donate something soon.

Norman, if you go to Pune ask your driver to take you to ABC farms, its a great big farm in the middle of nowhere with lots of restaurants, really chilled out and great food!



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Just a thought guys, if you can spare a second or two a couple of messages of support in the comments box of Karan's blogwould cheer him on, you know what it's like at the beginning of ground handling. 8) Just click at the top of the post where it mentions 'comments' and type away.

It has been pretty hot in Pune today and it will be hot again tomorrow.


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I have a dummy paramotor here. I have had for 2 years.

Feel free to pop down any time you want to borrow it for a run around ;-)

If you want to practice it's better to use the motor you will end up flying (remove the prop if just ground handling.


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UPDATE: :arrow:

Updates, a few words from the Wings & Flights CFI and an update from Karan.

He has flown solo with a motor once and had a tumble during the second. He has run out of time now but will return to Pune in October to finish his PM-1 post solo consolidation.

Updates will now slow down and will revolve around our efforts to get some kit together for him.

Mountain Hawk ASC.

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