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This one's a bit dramatic and serves to remind us all to allow as much runway as possible before takeoff. It kind of reminded me of a party somewhere and is probably the fate that awaited me if I hadn't called it.


Note: Just copy the URL link, insert it into the editing window, then bracket it with the YouTube button after highlighting in the editor. Norman

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You know it was a rough launch when you have to circle and ask those on the ground if everything's "all good?".

He might had cleared it had he managed his energy a little better, he was deep in the brakes long before he needed to pop over the fence and tentative on the throttle.

He's lucky he didn't frontal after the fence induced surge.

Quite a show.

BTW Dave your post has a trailing youtube wrapper or it would have shown up.

If you edit and paste that right after the vid link it should work.

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No it weren't me Lee. Wouldn't say I'm infalible though. Something might happen one day. Made a couple of 12 metre skid marks on an accidental downwind landing is the worst so far. The wind on the landing field was opposite to 2 chimneys worth of smoke nearby. --kin mystery that was.

Malcs. Got any video of your mate doing that ?


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