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Amazing sound


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Years ago I bought a pair of battered electrostatic speakers from a friend of my fathers.

After lovingly restoring them to their former glory I have enjoyed fantastic sound reproduction.

I had some custom stands made to raise them off the floor, higher than the original wooden legs.

I have read that raising then even further off the floor gives an improvement to the sound.

Now that the ceiling height has been increased I have suspended them from the ceiling beams and the sound is sublime.

Whereas before there has always been a compromise of distance from the wall, partial obscuring by airmchairs or other furniture, now they are completely in the clear the sound is just amazing. Lifelike doesn't begin to describe it.


Given that the feeling of flying a paramotor is 'being grabbed by the gonads, I'm really alive' type feeling then

listening to quality music grabs you by the soul and transcends all usual woes.

Last night we listened to The Beatles Sgt Pepper, the Stones 40 Licks, Willie Nelson Countryman and Mark Knopflers guitar among others and it was superb. I think the feeling was a very close 2nd to the envolvement of paramotoring.

If you have the space, good equipment and see some electrostatics for sale at a good price then grab them, a pair went for £425 on ebay late last year.


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Not sure if the misses would be to chuft if I got one of those :evil:

I can imagine Metallica (with a slightly nicer sounding one) using them on stage.

I think it's ace.


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