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Deploy paragliding wing from backpack like skydiver?

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One problem is that paraglider wings are not designed to absorb the sort of shock loads that a sudden deployment causes, nor do they incorporate the devices that minimize these forces.

Typically a sport parachute might experience 3 to 5 g deceleration when deployed. I'm not sure what figure paraglider wings are tested to, but I seem to recall an 8g figure. That doesn't give an over-large margin of safety, especially if you've done it more than once and the various destructive forces are starting to have a cumulative effect.

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Hi Ben

I guess your 'Ed?' is aimed at me.

Phil is correct when he states that a Skydiving canopy is built completely different to a Paragliding wing (especially the Reflex type)

It has a slider to slow opening, more lines (and stronger) and a pilot chute to pull the parachute from the rig. It is a device that is much more radical, and more fun than a parawing but it is designed solely to stop you from hitting the ground too hard!

When I was skydiving it was all about the freefall and the parachute was opened as low as possible (and safely) so we could spiral down and get on the next lift quickly.

The 2 sports are very different and I am not sure why you would want a paragliding wing that could be deployed from freefall, I don't feel the need to mix the sports as, for me, they are totally different.

Hope that helps.

Are you coming over from the dark side yet?


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