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I have been told today that I am going on a "Presentation skills workshop" next wednesday :oops::?:(

I will have to present to a group on a subject of my choice! (hobby,sport I play, Organisation I belong to)

I was thinking about doing something paramotor related but as I have never done anything like this before ANY ideas would be great !

oh an I would rather pull my toenails out that speak publicly! :(:(:(:(

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Pictures, as they say, speak a thousand words.

If you have access to power-point, run something up on that. By using bullet points, you can expand on areas a bit like having cue cards. It's very easy to use and you can incorporate text, pictures, movies and sounds.

eg History





The Future

Use a couple of pictures in each category. Disasters are usually good for getting attention, so throw in the odd amputation and scar.


Invite questions, if you don't know an answer, don't waffle, say you'll try to find out for them.

You might surprise yourself when you run out of time because you are enjoying yourself so much.


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My observations from my time in sales for what they are worth -

Remember that you know more about your subject than the audience, so draw confidence from this.

If you are nervous, concentrate on speaking what seems exageratedly slow to you. This will undoubtedly actually seem as a normal speed to the viewer and gives you more time to think about what you want to say next.

If you can video your speech as part of your practice and then watch it, you will see what your presentation will look like from the other side. This will allow you to make changes to suit and will probably prove the previous point about speaking slower to be true!

Audiences would usually prefer the speaker to succeed rather than fail as they are on your side!

If you get a choice, bite the bullet and volunteer to present first. Then you can relax.

Most importantly just try to enjoy yourself!!!

Good luck,


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Definately bagsy the first slot - I always do. Plus prepare for the worst, if you have a powerpoint presentation then the projector/pc is bound to be faulty on the day so make sure you don't rely on it. Don't be tempted to write your whole presentation - like Phil says just use a cue card with a title on it and expand on it.

Take in a prop - they will love that, and tell a couple of flying stories and it should fascinate them.

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Just as an idea. You talk about the motors and the basic principals of flight and then run some PPG clips from Youtube and show how a take off and landing works.

You can download in hi-res from youtube by pasting the youtube URL into keepvid.com


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Thanks for all your reply's ! I have come up with a bit of a presentation today and my nerves have settled a bit now :D It's only got to be eight minutes long and it is surprising how quickly it goes ! I'm not sure I will have access to power point just a flip chart so I will have to do a bit Rolf Harris style scetches, Maybe print some picture off just to give them some idea

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