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Solar Electric Flight

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Can't believe Gilo is off on another adventure so soon.....

The incredible Solar Electric Flight aims to raise money for Ataxia UK. The expedition will also promote alternative energy as a power source of the future, demonstrating the latest combination in solar energy, battery power and paramotors.

Simon are you off with them ? or have you had enough of sand in your hair ?

The Electric Paramotor

The Electric Paramotor is powered by Lithium polymer batteries, each giving the pilot an hours flying and a range of approximately 50km. Three batteries will be charged daily using 10 square metres of solar panels. The support vehicle will need to meet up with the paramotor at each landing spot in order to change over the battery, which provides additional navigational and logistical challenges.

Alongside the electric paramotor, pilots will also fly several other Parajet paramotors powered by bioethanol. This ‘plethora’ of paramotors should create an exciting spectacle for onlookers along the busy Mediteranean coastline.

Won't be long until the wing can hold the sloar panels, obviously no use to pilots in the cloudy UK !!!

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I heard from my instructor who does trips to to Morocco twice a year, that paramotoring is currently banned by the government there. Apparently someone started a drug smuggling racket using paramotors.

Now there is a great idea :D Cross the channel at 9k loaded with gear.

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