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flying sunday?


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hi all,

im expecting my brand new synth 34 to land on my door tomorrow and hope to get out on sunday..

im a newbie and all advice on the field is welcome, as is the use of a flying field nearby.

so if anyones flying sunday and wouldnt mind a tagger on, id appreciate it greatly.



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Dear All,

My kit is on its way. I have done 2.5 hours flying including lots of takeoffs and landings and a small cross country, Doing it up in Southport. Nearly finished and have a 29 Synth on the way with a Skywalk Tornado motor coming soon. (Basically a PAP copy with a Black Devil Motor.)

As soon as it has all arrived I will be up for the next available flying day. Yeeeehahhh! :D:D:D:D

Andy is very good, Andyopteryx, so I am sure you will have no trouble. We all have to deal with the Weather though :(:(:(:(

Looking forwards to joining in.

Meds thanks for the loan of the GH wing. Will be able to return it soon.



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