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Camaraman present

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My Brother in law is visiting so I dragged him with me up to the field to act as camera man.

Here is my preparation and flight in all its technicolour glory.

Warming the motor up:


And this smile was BEFORE I had flown, never mind the feeling after:


This was all strapped in:


A full power check before take off:


Then run run run and lift off:


One of the many pictures actually flying:


One of the low passes over the field:


A lovely picture of me with the sun setting:


Coming in on the landing approach:


Back on the ground:


A very enjoyable evening flight with photographic evidence of the guilty party :lol:

Safe flying,


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Hi Alan,

Nice pics mate. I do have to comment on the amount of brakes you have applied to get off the ground though...

With the wing your using, you should need next to no brakes to leave the ground. (it's not so much where your hands are, but what's happening to the wing as a result.

It looks very close to a stall to me and that you need to get your running speed over the ground a little faster before launch.

Sorry to nit pick, online training is never easy but have a think about those things the next time you fly.

Looks like you had some great flying weather and a great flight anyway!


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Thanks Simon,

I did realise I had applied rather a lot of brake and made a mental note not to do it again. The picture rather confirmed it to me. I was half expecting to draw some comment but many thanks for your input though.

Snowman, thanks for the comment, you'll be there soon. Not too much brake though :?

Cheers all,


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Hi folks,

The jacket is a cyclists jacket by Karrimor, charity shop jobbie for not a lot.

The military looking pouch is my radio pouch, Shirley knocked it up for me out of some canvas type material, it has velcro straps to attach to the harness webbing. You can just see the helical antenna behind my right arm.



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