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Flying on Sunday 19th April 2009

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After a 9 month wait i finally got my first flite of the year in at the Hull Aero club

I arrived there about 4 pm and Trev signed in as a day member and got my kit out

It was a good day to fly the wind speeds were 6MPH and no gusts the site was very busy with light aircraft and microlites doing touch ago's but it was a bit to thermal to fly so went and talked to the other paramotorist that had been there since 7 am (The Paramotor Pirates) of which Im a member.

Trev ,Terry, Alan all had several flites in the morning , Paul arived about 4.30 ish after taking of from near home (thanks for the asistence on take off Paul) .

Me, Alan and Mike (Paramotormike) had a flite about 6PM for about an hour with smooth air , LOOK forward to a great year of paramotoring

Mark Paramotorpirates.com


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Hello Mark,

That was my first flight in lovely sunny (a far cry from the minus 2 that i flew in over Christmas ) conditions looking forward to the rest of the year, you nailed your take off first time, spot on considering the long period in between.

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