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Flat-top paramotor


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There is a character called Dell Shanze who promotes the Flat Top heavily. He uses the moniker “imasuperhero” and is a prolific poster of videos on the utube site. He also runs the PPG Truth forum where he often posts topics on what he sees as the virtues of the Flat Top.

He’s a bit of a controversial character and it wouldn’t be putting it too strongly to say that he’s hated by some of the PPG community because of the way in which he expresses his views. It would therefore be wise to take anything that he has to say with a pinch of salt.

Most people seem to agree that the big plus point of the Flat Top is safety, it’s built in crumple zone in particular is a feature that is seems to attract a lot of positive feedback.



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Hi Terry

The Flat-top is basically a USA built unit which took it's roots from a Walkerjet, which is what I fly. The design seems to have a strong emphasis on safety. I think the web site is rpmppg .com if you want to know more. I might have one but would like to speak to someone over here who has flown one.

I am aware of Mr. Schanze. I am headstrong too and very capable of gathering info from many sources then drawing my own conclusions. Thanks for all advice though. You can't be too carefull.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply so quickly.

I've looked at the rpmppg.com site and it explains exactly what I wanted to know and a lot more to boot aswell, about the "Flat Top".

It appears, that a lot of thought has gone into the construction, especially on the safety side.

Fly safe


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