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Another Weekend Another Flight - St Davids, Pembrokeshire


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Well I have now convinced the three kids and chick that having the boot full of toys (paramotor and speed wing + Kitesurf on the roof) is worth the cramped driving I now subject them too.

This weekend I had three days kitesurfing planned in Pembrokeshire but looking at the forecast it had a paramotor feel to it rather than a surf session.

Managed a flight from a random (non horse populated field) around St Davids head and the surrounding peninsular, very rugged and quite magical from the air.

I have imposed a self ban, if conditions are enough to kitesurf (15-20mph) then they are to much to fly, the day I took off I estimate about 12- 15mph which really I should not have gone up in but it did make for an interesting flight. Speed over ground on the down wind leg was tremendous and before I could blink I was over the sea, now with pangs of doubt as to whether my wing would push me back inland or would I be taking a swim. Trimmers set to 3/4 and engine cranked up I edged forward over the landing field (now at 2450ft)

I also took the step to kill the engine and allow myself to drift down in silence, doesnt get better than that.

One aborted landing later and a flyby seen me tip toe into the field. with the wing still hovering above my head feeding off the constant breeze, even on my Karma when landing I always seem to have to kill the power but the Fusion just stayed above. Trimmers set to neutral for this landing (engine off)

I have a video but now way to publish.


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I actually watch the temp, as I have a desire to take a photo from about 12000ft mark and the only thing stopping me is the cold as I go up.

Ground Temp on take off was 16degrees (ish) at 2450ft it was down to 6 degrees and cold enough that I wanted to come back down.

It is a nice feeling as you descend to feel the layers of warmth increase

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could do with some of those suits Bear and Gilo were using last night, although heaven knows how they managed to run wearing that much kit.

The flight in the video was about 2400ft and a tad chilly, really pretty view though of the sea and cliffs

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Sorry if I am talking rubbish Rob but looking at the video you appear to still have the speed trimmers in.

Is this correct and, if so, would it not be easier to use the brake (control) lines to steer?

I am a bit of a newbie so just curious.



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Top Marks to that man! :D

Who taught you how to fly mate! ;-)

Well spotted.

Trimmers in = brakes

Trimmers out = Tips

BUT, there is nothing 'wrong' with using the tips on slow trim, just more effective when the wing if flying faster, due to increased drag effect of tip input.


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Well let me answer in my limited experience (so happy to be shot down)

Ear Defenders - I wish, and everytime I go up I remember the thing I am missing. That helmet is one I use for skiing and speedriding and does have some flaps over your ears which keeps the noise down slightly. But I will get some of those in ear plugs, just need to remember.

Your right on the trimmers and what i find is that the torque effect is quite strong and I continually turn to the right (I turned the engine off just to check nothing wrong with the setup - Fusion flies straight with no power). I can counter this by weight shift. So on the flight your looking at I actually used the tip steering just to bring me back online, I have found with the tip steering you tend to get a much flattter turn and you can use the velcro to set it up to counter the torque. Which is what I was dabbling with.

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