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Thinking about it for some time now

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Pop up the road to Simon and have a good look at Lambourn. You will find Paramotoring a fantastic way of getting into the air and your efforts at PPL will set you in good stead with the technical subjects. The act of running into the air is really exhilarating and not at all what you imagine. I don't like climbing ladders particularly and thought being so exposed with that long drop would be a bit much - not a bit of it. It is a fantastic perch to observe the world from - the view is phenomenal.

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Hi Norman

Thanks for the guidance.

I went over to see Simon yesterday in Swindon area. Also some newbiestraining so had a good chat and saw a little of the training regime! Also been to the flagpole to see the other site, very picturesque.

Upshot is I aim to start in July when I have got some other stuff out of the way.



PS for anyone else in the area interested, take Norman's advice, give Simon a call and go over.

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