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Towbar Attachment for a Paramotor

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Does anyone know where I can get a tow bar attachment to carry a paramotor? Ideally one that simply attaches to the ball if possible. As I often use my towbar, I don't want to be unbolting the brackets etc every time I want to take the motor out.

Any help would be appreciated! :lol:

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Just bought a Thule 'EasyBase' of ebay for just over £50. Absolutely stonking bit of kit, takes about two minutes to fit and even has it's own lights and number plate board, just plug into your trailer socket. The upright 'A' frame will fold down flat, which means it is still easy to open your tail gate on an estate or 4x4 once the load is removed. This also makes it easy to store.

It is very VERY solid, and despite a test I had read, shows little or no inclination to wobble once secured with it's one bolt clamp.

Being Thule, there are a range of accessories available. These range from a lock to stop anyone 'borrowing' your rack, to a very smart box, rather like a roof box, but custom made for this application.

Hope that helps, Phil

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I also use the Thule easy base along with twin cycle racks. I just made up a wooden base to fit between the two racks and can now carry either two bikes or a paramotor. The motor just straps down with a couple of ratchet straps (not too tight!!), never had it move at all, wonderful bit of kit!! If you want to finish it off with a stylish cover then a B&Q BBQ cover is just the job, i know this might sound silly, but trust me - it's perfect!! If you want I can send you some photos.


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