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Universal paramotor risers

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This is something I wouldn't do, as different line placement on different wings require different ratios of change when using trim or speed bar. In the fully neutral position it might be ok, as it is likely all the risers will be the same length, but any change from that may prove problematic ie reduce the angle of attack beyond design limits, making frontal collapse more likely.

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[snip]making frontal collapse more likely.

Or Stall, or spins, or stable spirals.

Like Phil said, and you were thinking, you enter uncharted territory when mixing manufacturers and also risers.

It might work, might even be a better combination then anyone has considered in the past and you might fly it until the sun bleaches it too much and they start flaking of age.

Chances are better that something unexpected and nasty will happen.

That said, I bet someone has done it. Humans are too curious not to.

Fly safe, even when you take risks.

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Cheers guys,

I too agree with what you've said just wondered if there is someone who has tried this with success as trying to get paramotor risers for my SOL is like trying to get blood out of a stone!!

My motor has got high hang points (F3) so the higher/shorter position of motor risers would help out loads.

Thanks for your input guys.


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Hi Mike,

I'm a good friend of Mark and I've gone through him to get the risers but the trouble is unless he has got a bulk order with SOL for gear I would have to pay £30 postage costs for a one-off order so just waiting unless an alternative comes up i.e. different risers as mentioned above.

Thanks for your input though, much appreciated.


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hi all , i have studied a lot of different makes of paramotor risers and also trimmed performance paraglider risers and nearly all work by lengthening the D and the C , the C RISER is on a 2. 1 reduction meaning it only moves half the amount of the D

i used to make all the risers for airwave gliders when they were based in england

the only difference from make to make would be the amount the DandC move but most only have approx 50mm travel ( not including some of the reflex wings like action gt )

i have used powerplay and epsilon power risers on quite a few wings with no trouble

i would advise anyone to test in non thermic calm conditions and release trimmer bit by bit

you can always stitch up the trim strap at a point where you find is suitable

good flying

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