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Snowman's first flight.


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Dear All,

Just realised I should have set up a training blog. Oh Well after numerous days running up and down a field with a bloody great kite. I finally got off the ground yesterday and it was awesome to see air below my feet again!!!

Lots more ground handling practice in the morning followed by a quick dash home for a neighbours 65th birthday drink. Got back to find that the wind had died down a lot and so practiced a few forward launches.

Andy was about to suggest a pop up on the tandem trike and then he said those fateful words.

"or would you rather try solo?"

My reply was a foregone conclusion but it was only as I was getting strapped in that the hands started to quiver a bit.

School Airfer Black Magic and the Ozone Electron for my first go. Helmet on. Radio working. Engine dutifully warm and smooth running.

Clipped in and Andy walks about 30 yards ahead of me on the radio. Checking lines angles etc. By now the wind is pretty much nothing.

"Whenever you are ready you can go."

There seemed to be a very long pause here but I am sure it wasn't really.

One, two , three in my head and start to run. You can see from the vid that I was concentrating on not leaning forward too much! Have to sort out that for next time. Maybe I was going for the Hovercraft lift off!! :D:D

Lots of torque steer on takeoff and I am almost swinging off the left brake. But my feet are now running in fresh air. Right arm up as high as it goes, wind starting to blow down my jacket sleeves. (Need flight suit!!)

Ground falls away amd I clear the telephone poles in the next field and I am feeling f***ing great! :)

2 left hand circuits and 3 right hand circuits (easier because of torque steer) later and Andy says get ready to kill the motor.

Not really keen on that idea as then you are truly committed to getting the bird down. No in-flight restarts for me!

Finished off with a face plant as I hung on the brakes a little early but I was down and I wasn't dead. :lol::lol::lol:

All in all a great day. Now I just need my synthesis to arrive and sort out a new motor and you won't see my for dust.

Hope you like the vid.


There you go Snowman - Norman


Back in the saddle again! Yeeehaahhh!

Snowman :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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