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Top mounted reserve

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Does anyone know whether you can fit a top mounted reserve i.e. the type fitted to the cage behind the pilots head, to the older generation of paramotor units such as the Adventure F3 etc?

I see that the newer generation of paramotors in some cases have a special recess in the cage behind the pilots head.

Anybody know the answer?


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I've been thinking on similar lines. You only have to make sure that the outer case is secure enough so that it remains in place when you pull the inner out by the handle, so even just a couple of straps securing it to the cage is probably enough. The other consideration is whether it would be too close to the back of your helmeted head, and stop you sitting straight. My mate has a PAP with one fitted, and I know that he can't tip his head back far enough to check his wing when he's flying.

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Thanks for reply.

I didn't think of it obstructing your head, a valid point!

I will check next time I rig my unit. Any idea how the outer bag attaches to the cage? I would be interested to know if you manage to set yours up.

If I manage to set mine up I will post a reply perhaps include some photo's. Could be a while yet as I'm about to rebuild my carb yet :?

Anyway good luck with your set-up!


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Thats right, their manual can be downloaded.

I have a PAP with the reserve attached to the cage.

I think if you buy the PAP reserve casing it simply clips in into the cage. In my case the cage breaks down into two parts - top and bottom.

To remove the top half of the cage unclip the reserve and it remains in place with the lower part of the cage.

I dont find it a hindrance, I simply check the wing by looking left and right and can see a third of the wing each end.


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I have this system on my Pap and I don't understand why folk would wish to change to it. Personally I am going to go the other way and have a front mounted reserve with cockpit.

Having made a quick grab for my reserve behind my head in smooth level flight and not been able to find it then I dread to think what would happen in an emergency spiraling to earth, I believe I could grab it from the front whatever position I was in but the system behind the head is the preverbial chocolate fireguard in my opinion!



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I fly with a front mounted reserve. every pre flight I reach for the handle twice with both hands, in the belief of the sub concious muscle memory thing that I will grab the handle first time in a real situation. But on my last flight I realised that I had never taken any notice of the positioning of the front mount on my lap, so I tried to reach it with both hands in turn, I was very surprised how far away the handle seemed, when you are seated nice & have to reach around the risers & hang arms! I have now slightly adjusted its mounting and how I allow it to sit in flight!

Yours might be fine, but next flight just remember to actually reach for the handle & check, you might be surprised!


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