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RIP Vittorazi 80cc Lc


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It is my sad duty to inform the community of the untimely (but highly likely) demise, of my much trusted and loyal Vittorazi engine.

She has faired well from a promising start, through much neglect, and in her later life a hell of a lot of abuse... Aparently far to much for a 12 year old to handle :( .

At aproximatly 1400ft agl 1800hrs today, after a relaxing meander over the white horse, to meet a well known QFI a condition known as "too F**king lean" has torn apart the fragile alloy that was once the heart of my little pink thruster.. :cry: .

I am deeply upset..Nay I`m gutted....A post mortem has yet to be performed however as a two stroke know a bit, (I do own a bag of spanners) the dammage is terminal.... :(

So assuming I need a new piston and Barrel. (are they nicossil coated?) and knowing they are considered slightly out of date, with spares off the shelf in my wildest dreams. Has anyone got any bits? Or information relating to the original moped that the parts were borrowed from?

I beg of you to look into the bottom of your heart. Failing that, the darkest corners of your shed, garrage, kitchen sink, etc, etc. :cry::cry: And with a little help, grovlling, love that dare not speak its name (if i have too :shock: )and some spannering. Together we can put back together my little pink thruster..Please :cry:

Please help, you know you cant resist a sob story :D

Colin B (spigot)

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:( lots of washing up and cutting the grass by the sounds of it :(

landing out was text book spot stuff. (just not the spot i was looking at).. in the field just below the disabled car park...soon as the engine died I put in the trimmers and circled down, there was a bloke flying a kite nearby so wind direction was sorted...and fortunatly not to many sheep/ramblers to avoid.

Then a very nice man came and picked me up in his landrover and gave me a much needed beer. Cheers Simon :D

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Post mortem confirms "its f**ked"

Not as originaly thought a hole in the piston, more like the piston and con-rod have seperated company with the crank..(that will explain the lack of compression :cry: )

looks like a bearing failed at some point, which in turn let the con-rod hit the crank, which then exploded the big end and then bits of metal flew everywhere inside... :D So at least I had the mixture right :D

So now I need a new/better condition Crank, con-rod, piston, barrel...New engine really! looks like im grounded for a while :(

Any help would be most welcome :D

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