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Not a lot.

Dont worry about it thats for sure, you will do it and think... is that it? assuming that you have a good amount of height.

OK so what will happen.....

You will 'park' the brakes, reach up to the trimmer tab adjusters and press them both at the same time, all that will happen at this stage is that you will need to wiggle a little bit to get them to fully open (until they wear in) The wing will gather speed and become more stable.

When you pull them in, you can do it in two stages to minimise sudden lift. 50% wait then the other 50%

Once you are used to it you will hate being on slow trim I recon.

Good Luck but you dont need it.


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look forward to it,my instructor told me to let them out last week but i was too involved with the views and what not + my friend who came up with us has a much slower wing even when im on slow so we were just circling to let him catch up! will try this sunday

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oh the trims will be out next time!! I went out today and keep making the same mistake on landing.my instructor has told me many times to be more aggressive with the brakes just before touch down. My trouble is i bleed the speed off and pull them down too slowly before landing resulting in a faster landing(normally skiding on my feet!) I also pulled the trims right in earlier instead of the recommended line thats marked on them for take off,it lifted off much quicker and felt alot more floaty as it whould do anyway but i wanted to see if it makes much of a difference,do you guys use the take off/landing marks on the trimmers(no wind)? gaz :D

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My instructors have always taught along the lines of the Revolution manual which says use take off trim even in nil wind forward launches, the slow trim is for thermalling i.e. paraglider mode.

When I let mine out to fast trim it was no drama, just seemed to get a bit more stable but I'm no expert on the matter. Loads of people fly paraglider wings without trims so I presume that would be the equivalent of slow trim on a reflex wing, they do take off & land very slowly which is a bonus in nill conditions.....food for thought

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