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Whitters Diary 23 03 09


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The breeze picked up by early afternoon and was a bit gusty for ground handling so we spent the time doing ground School.

Practical demonstrations on thorough engine and wing checks. Pete B going through the engine bits.

Then we split the group into 2 tangled the lines of 2 wings (one being my old Action), after showing the Trainees the untangle technique we then left them to it. The group untangling my Action had missed one of the lines over the leading edge and proceeded to tangle the lines into a massive tight birds nest. My poor Action, I couldn't watch the abuse any longer and had to assist.

We also did some static hanging with the motors looking at the effects of angle of dangle when moving the hang position points along the arms. This also gave the trainees a chance to practice getting in and out of the seat and allowed them to experience how it will feel when they do leave the ground.

A good practical and theory day today.


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