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This Week in Airvault

Guest Wodens

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You are going to see many posts on this subject, but the week is coming to a close and I think everyone is leaving here happy and content. I didn't get into the air, but having never even seen a wing or motor close up I have gained a great understanding that really is going to underpin my future participation in the sport. Or rather, it is going to underpin my SAFE future participation.

Piers, Alan, Simon, Paul, Witters and Pete have been just an incredible source of knowledge and learning and all of them, plus Ken, Eddie, Dave and Tim have constantly supported me even when I couldn't get the wing off the ground and just wanted to pack it all in and go home. Special thanks also have to go to Norman for the superb training materials and syllabus we have worked to. And then there is Paul Haxby - if after a conversation with Paul you don't want to grab the nearest motor and get yourself into the skies, then you simply don't want to fly!

I am so pleased I managed to get myself across to Airvault and I hope to keep in touch with everyone who was across here. I was lucky enough to have Alan Hunter appointed as my instructor and as he is based in Saudi it's going to prove a little difficult to have him train me through to my first flight. Therefore I'll get myself down to Lambourn as soon as possible to work with Simon.

The key things I think I'll always remember about this week:

1. Learning that the spinny-roundy thing goes behind you

2. Ken's after-dinner magic tricks

3. The huge beaming smile on Witters face when Ken gave him his false thumb, plus Witters' first attempt at the "levitating bottle"

4. Piers dining table topics of conversation (one topic in particular that was mandatory for every meal time)

5. Our adopted farmers dog (Witters still might bring her back to England....)

6. Sitting with Paul Haxby until 2am this morning, drinking red wine and listening to him talk about the sport - motivation at its best

7. Controlling, and not fearing, the wing!

It's off out on the end of week meal tonight; a fitting way to finish a week I won't ever forget.




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Again, nice one Neil, sounds like you're well and truly hooked :D:D:D .

Paul Haxby sounds like a No.1 bloke, I was hoping to meet him when I came over on Sunday. Please give him my regards and ask him if Amelia enjoys her tandem flights, from the picture I've seen it sure looks like it.

All the best,


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