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Basingstoke Area Flying

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I have just joined this site in the hope that someone out there can help me find a suitable field to fly from in the Andover / Basingstoke area. I did used to fly from a farmers field in Andover however he has just sold it to developers. I have spent the last few weeks trying to find a new field to fly from, but this is proving very difficult due to most people not wishing to allow me to undertake such activities. Having browsed through this site, I have seen previous references made to flying from a field near Basingstoke.

Is there anyone out there that can assist by advising me of any flying sites near to the Andover area.

As a little additional info, I learned to fly with Skyschool in Mere and later took a further course in Spain. Due to bad weather and work commitments I have not flown for quite some time now and I am desperate to get some groundhandling in as a minimum before getting airbourne again.

Getting very frustrated


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Hope the weather's ok Paul, looks like l will be freeflying if weather on our side. Motor back at Parajet (apparently its the timing this time) getting sorted once again. If the motor comes back as good as the last prop l flew with l may be in with a chance. If it fly's well this time l may even leave the airfield and go XC. haha

Mike :?:wink:

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Hi All

many thanks for your responses - this is great news. If the weather is good I hope to go there this weekend to see the place and do a bit of groundhandling. Can you please advise me what I should do with regards to turning up at this site for the first time as clearly I do not wish to upset the landowner. Questions like; do I need to go to the farm house first, is there a fee to pay, if nobody else is there how do I find the field on the farmers land that we can use etc etc.

Sorry to be a pain with questions, but as a new user of this field I do not want to do anything wrong and spoil it for others.

By the way, compliments to the forum owner as this website is brilliant. Full of very helpfull info.



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