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My Next Camera Lumix TZ7

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Funds permitting I should have this in the next couple of weeks. The new Panasonic Lumix TZ7, awesome piece of kit for a compact with 12 x Optical Zoom and HD Video too, also has an Aerial setting on it along with burst mode plus bracketed shots so no real possibility of getting a bunch of blurred pics whilst flying.

Perfect for our sport me thinks!

http://www.dpreview.com/news/0901/09012 ... nictz7.asp


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I think that's a good choice Malcs. I like Lumix kit, I bought the DMC-FZ10 some time ago, it's the full size camera with 12x zoom. Having the large Leica lens on gives superb quality zoom shots, even when set to only 2M resolution.

I recently bought the DCM-FS3 compact to use whilst flying and all my posted pictures have been with this camera. The zoom shots don't match the FZ10 quality because the lens is smaller but even so I think it is a cracking camera.

The Aerial setting doesn't offer anything other than a prompt on turnon 'Turn off the camera on takeoff and landing. Follow the instruction of the cabin attendant'. There are plenty of other modes to choose from though :D

You can probably find a manual on the Panasonic web site to peruse before you actually buy it. I downloaded an English version for mine as of course it came with a French one :?

Have fun,


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