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Its so easy to think that only you feel the crushing humiliation of not being able to control all that thrashing ripstop nylon Neil. It is the same for nearly all of us - it comes in a flash after a while and suddenly it isn't a problem any more, just occasionally. You will hack it and there are a bunch around you who will bust their buns to help - don't let yourself get exhausted - roll with it and focus! As technique develops the physicality recedes - like ski-ing, golf and all the rest.


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Come on Neil.... You're my hero - if you can't get airborne I'm in a right mess!!! I bet you're analysing it all too much....

I don't know, but I bet it's a bit like sailing, or waterskiing... something just gradually goes on in the head and then click... it works... never sure why!

Can you remember as a kid what you did to be able to first keep a bike upright - bet you can't, but you know how to do it....

More Bordeaux.... more feel and have fun.... I'm jealous - wish I could be there - off to China on Thursday & looking forward to some lessons with SW when I get back....



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Thanks guys, the encouragement is much appreciated. I have to say that every one of the other ten people across here has been nothing but 100% supportive over the last three days. I guess as the one person that has never touched a wing or motor I was always going to be behind the others, but this evening's session went like a dream, although I'm not going to say I've cracked it yet!

Even so I have learnt so much already and have enjoyed every minute of the training. It has definitely been worth the journey across, even with Eddie in the car.... :lol:

Mark - have a great trip to China and we'll catch up when you get back.

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Neil, don't push it, force it or get flustered about it, when I did my course I was the last one to get airborne and it seemed that just as everything went right it would all go wrong again and sometimes I just could not get the wing in the air at all. Then I went through an entire summer (as many on here witnessed) of just not being able to take off, partly through ability and partly through fear that I didn't have something right, approx 50 launches. Then one day last September everything suddenly felt right and I haven't failed a launch or takeoff since and you can't keep me on the floor.

We are all different animals, we all have different ways of learning different things and our different mental state copes with it in different ways. A good instructor will allow for all those differences and guide you through, then after training all the other experienced pilots will continue helping you without forcing you against your natural pace. I've yet to meet an unhelpful pilot in this sport yet.

Chill out, take your time, no rush!


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