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Whitters diary 21st 22nd 03 09


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Today I managed a couple flights for demonstration purposes. Just some take off and landing Dem's which I hope served to inspire more desire from the traiinees.

Todays weather was perfect for conditions allowing both foreward and reverse launches which lasted almost all through the day.

Despite being the oldest member Dave produced excellent results today which gave me a lot if pleasure.

I had a couple of flights during the day for a bit of fun. Then Pascal showed us how to fly with precision flying managing low flying tight turns with accuracy, Excellent.

Great, perfect conditions all day.

Sat 21st afternoon / evening:

Spent a couple of hours snoozing in my room this afternoon, the sun streams in through patio doors onto my bed warming me up nicely. It was so cold on the 94 min nav excersise this am that I cannot get warm, chilled to the core, probably because I am tired.

The Trainee pilots are due to arrive evening so a quick flight arround the local hamlets this evening in lovely smooth conditions. The fields are so large and flat it does invite you to do some low flying ground skimming watching the hares run and birds fly up out of the young crops. Lots of farm tracks begging to be foot-dragged. Which of course I wouldn't do because of the 500 ft rule.

Trainee Pilots (TP's) arrive at approx 20.00 and are issued their instructors.

My trainee is Dave Coging (Cogie 49 on forum). He is an X microlite pilot with some ground handling practice with paragliders. He is the oldest member of the group at 60 years old. His microlite background will be very useful. He will share my room which will provide us with some de-brief space.

Sunday 22 03 09.

Morning breaks, very still air severe frost. Everyone up at the airfield shortly after 07.00 for our first day of instruction. We go through extensive wing checks from conection points to webbing conections, mylar inserts and wing surface integratey paying paticular attention to the load bearing componants and top surface / leading edge condition.

Dave practiced forward Launch for a couple of hours which was hard work. As the wind increased we were able to practice reverse launching.

My main weakness is an inability to convert my own action of wing handling (ground handling) into words so the Trainee can do the same.

Forward launches of wing without motor continue to be unpredictable. The wind increases and reverse launching practice enables Dave to consolidate his existing knowledge from his microlite days to the knew skill of paraglider handling.

Dave has an ecxceptional awareness of the changing wind conditions and quickly adjusts to suit.

Today culminated with Dave ground handling without assistance, turning and controling the wing which was great and very rewarding for me the instructor..

Dave spent the sunset period ground handling flying the wing on the ground very competently which gave me great satisfaction.

Photo courtesy of Alan K in Francais.



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Sounds like you are having a ball out there. Airvault sounds perfect as a training environment with those wide open spaces - lovely clean air and nothing to hit! Looking at the synoptic the weather gods are smiling on you all... for the moment. Fingers crossed - small weather dance - bones thrown - incense burning. :lol:


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Norman The sylibus is great just a few minor adjust ments.

The macro is good exept it has a womans temrement, It only starts when it wants to.

The bendix on the starteris sticking, usally just as I am all straped in and ready to go :(

Pete b :D

Its a very tireing time though.

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Did you drop a Simo into it?

It used to start first go with the standard Macro prime.

Could you let me have your suggestions via email for amendments - through Piers might be best for standardisation.

Glad to hear you are all enjoying your nice little holiday in France!


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Its the hardest holiday I have ever had, but you cant wipe the smile of my face for sure, loving every minute of it, and good company to boot. Just gone to bed at 10.00pm, thats never been heard of before. Thanks for the beer Alan, Pete had most of it, but what we tasted was good, LOL.


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