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Whittersdiary Fri 20th 03 09


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Setting up as the sun starts to appear over the horizon again. Excitement, apprehension, fatigue, cold, all playing a part to make this course a challange. Piers somehow maintaining an unatural drive and desire to push us to the limits. Simon feeling unwel this morning takes a break from flying (girl).

Piers gives me just 2 turn points cross / down wind with instructions to photograph the ancient monument at Orangerie because he wants to see if the restoration has finished. (It had) I arrived over this very dramatic landscape after climbing out to our 800 ft ceiling (airspace above). As I fiddled with my camara I was achieving 1mph ground speed. My second turn point was up wind. Speed bar improved speed and after clearing the steep valleys I was able to descend down to 500 ft to make a more respectable 15mph ground speed.

I realised from the map that I was on a route mapped for previous competitions and the 2nd turn point was one of 5 more I could achieve. So I set off in an attempt to get the turn points once used by some of the great PPG pilots in previous competitions. Conditions were starting to get very thermic. Having to stay low at 500 ft AGL because of the headwind I was not confident crossing the large forest areas so had to navigate arround them. I completed a total of 6 turnpoints and continued cross wind towards the airfield before a down wind dash for home with ground speed of over 60mph. Landed on the spot after a first failed approach and fly arround in the bumpy conditions. Flight-23.3 miles, Average ground speed 18.3 mph Max 61.4 mph.

Brunch and admin. Then a trip into town to see the market and hit the cashpoint. Sat in the van in the sunshine I suddenly realise that I am exhausted.

That brings me up to date with the diary. The days are very full and I havn't had a chance to update this until now.

For the first time ever I am not worried if it isn't flyable tonight. A few beers and a snooze will be lovely. But I think Piers may have other plans!!!!

To be continued.

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Well done Whitters, it sounds as though you are not actually with Piers, but with his evil twin again. 1:21 from Pete sounds impressive as does the report that you are starting to relax into the navigation tasks. Fantastic! Knackered already? The 'Fodder' have yet to appear for their holiday! You can't let up now.... :lol:

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