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Whittersdiary Thur 19 03 09


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Extra early start for an attempt at the 20 turn point task Piers has set for me. All of these are down wind of the air strip so fuel management important to avoid landing out. I planned the route in order to get all 20 writing bearing distance etc on map with bail out options on the way around incase the wind did increase. The wind was a bit stronger this morning so I wasn't expecting to achieve all the turnpoints. Streight line distance was 71km but with turnpoint hunting ect I would expect to cover approx 100km.

Ticking off the first few turn points were achieved ok however my 90kmh ground made me drift off course and get a bit lost again. After bimbling arround in circles I found out where I was and realised that the wind was much stronger than I thought. 18mph at 800ft AGL. I re-planned my route and set about getting as many of the turn points as I could. I managed 11 of the 20 which I was pleased with considering the conditions. I carry my GPS in order to download my track for verification of task completion. 1hour 59mins, 42.2 miles Av ground speed 21.3 Max 59.2.

Brunch admin and ground School. Felt very sleepy during ground school today. Limbs acheing. These are very long days. We are working on all things PPG from before sunrise until well after sunset, not leaving the field untill dark.

This evening low flying stick kicking until dark. Looking forward to my bed tonight.


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