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Number 10 Completed

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Had my first real XC last night, went off and followed a huge triangle and covered 30 miles. My tenth flight (7 hours 45min total) and 3rd one this year, hard to believe all the problems I had last year, my wing generally only inflates once when I get to the field now and thats the inflation I take off with. Went to get my camera out to take some pics of the other chap I was flying with and as I went for the zip on my flight suit I killed the engine on my visor which threw me into a blind panic and heavy breathing trying to find the pull start, then relaxed and figured from my height it would be 3 - 5 minutes before hitting the ground, found the handle, attached to foot strap and started no probs. Then we turned to the sun and had a huge haze so I didn't bother with the cam at all.

Felt a bit weird being so far away from the T/O field and I never quite got used to it or relaxed fully, still feels very surreal to me as if I'm looking at the ground through someone elses eyes or on a computer screen, never seems real that I'm actually up there! Anybody else have that sensation?

Am well chuffed with my Pap, always seems so start by the 3rd kick and never misses a beat, wing too feels solid and safe!

Just got to fix my landings now, can't seem to do it, only landed on feet once and that was the time I couldn't get in my seat so just did one circuit. Everyone tells me I look like I come in to land as if I'm leaning back on a deck chair so gotta figure a way of throwing myself forward somehow!

Happy days and a lovely looking weekend ahead too!



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Good one Malcs, a nice report.

I also get the feeling you described (very well I thought) but put it to the back of my mind now and enjoy the flying. I think my only slight concern is if the motor stops and I'm stranded but it hasn't happened...yet.

I have now done 51 flights and have nailed the landings, even enjoy them. I also didn't start to get good landings until after my first 10 flights. I found that loosening the seat straps so the seat is lowered (might be different on yours, just push your legs out of the seat as much as possible) and getting ready for the running position helped tremendously.

Hope this helps,



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