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Good day last sun at the mpg field, good to catch up with Mr Hammertime. 3 good flights, at the end of each one cutting the motor high over the field and testing the wieght shift on the PAP. Love the motoring but I still get a buzz when the motor's gone and I can take a wrap and glide. I've found the arcus will enter a shallow spiral much easier with the added weight of the motor, lovely.

PS bout time the Cheshire peeps got together.

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Hi All,

Started my course with the FlySchool up near Southport. Doing a lot of running around kiting but still having a good laugh. Bruises on my arms look suspicious to the wife though????

Carrying the motor on my back when it is running may be good practice but not something you can do for very long without a break. Still vacillating a little over kit to buy etc but hoping to take the plunge soon.

Thanks Meds for lending me the wing for ground handling practice it has been inspirational!!

Wanting to jump up into the sky and join you guys very soon!!!

Snowman :):):)

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