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Travel to Airvault on the 21st

Guest Wodens

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David, Tim & Eddie,

As I have got a problem sending out to some e-mails right now I thought I'd use the board to let you know the plans for Saturday.

David & Tim - if we can meet at Rothersthorpe services on the M1 for 06.00 it should give us enough time to load up, say hello and get down to Dover. The crossing is at 10.00and we have to check-in 45 minutes prior to departure.

Eddie - my thoughts are that as you are going to drive down to Dover and leave your car there, we might as well meet at the car park so that we can put your bags in the car, etc. I think that with a clear run down from Rothersthorpe we can easily get into Dover for 08.45, giving us half an hour to meet up and drive the short distance to the port.

I've checked with my fleet manager and unfortunately only company employees are allowed to drive the car, so it looks like I'm your chauffeur for the duration. Not too bad as we get a break on the boat and can have a stop or two between Dunkirk and Airvault.

If there's any questions you can get me this week on either my home number (0121 556 3586), my mobile (07725 260170) or my e-mail. It's possible that I may well be in Poland between Wednesday and Friday, in which case I'll have my company mobile with me (07771 532889).



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